BPM Organizational Self-Assessment

Business Process Management (BPM) is the deliberate and collaborative effort to define, improve, innovate and manage end-to-end business processes that drive strategic capability.

Assessment Graphic

For decades, organizations in all sectors have utilized process improvement techniques (TQM, Lean, Six Sigma) to solve tactical problems and improve operational performance. However, operational excellence cannot be sustained by tactical action alone. All management structures and systems must be aligned to support both cross- functional performance and strategic goals. Making this transformation is very challenging; few organizations have successfully deployed holistic BPM.

Fortunately, those that were successful have enjoyed decades of process-driven success. To help your organization make this journey, Orion is pleased to provide the BPM Organizational Self-Assessment. This tool is a simple subset of Orion's comprehensive organizational assessment. It asks you to rate your organization’s behavior in each of five categories. There are 10 statements in each category. You may save your results in progress if you do not have time to complete the assessment in one sitting.

BPM Radar Chart

The output of the assessment is a radar chart you can use to gauge your organization’s strengths and weaknesses versus typical corporations and high-performing organizations. References are provided to help you craft strategies and make improvements in each category. Orion hopes this assessment will illuminate the path ahead. Good luck in your organization's BPM journey.